Revive Hardened Brown Sugar With A Slice Of Bread

Revive Hardened Brown Sugar (and Keep It Soft) with a Slice of Bread

Have you ever gone to scoop some brown sugar just to find that it's super-lumpy or hard as a rock? You can keep that from happening with just a slice of bread.

You can also use a slice of bread to keep it from hardening up in the first place: Toss a slice of bread into your brown sugar container and close it up. The brown sugar will stay soft and the bread won't go mouldy.

Kitchen Tip: Keeping Your Brown Sugar Soft [This Week for Dinner]


    Brilliant. And make all your coeliacs guests ill. Just as clever as the restaurants that put crusts in the bottom of their sliced tomato tubs, or dip oil out of their fryers to use on the grill.

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