Presto's Free Trial Now Runs For Two Months

We're going to see a lot of these kinds of deals as streaming services battle for customers. Presto only launched its 30-day free trial this month, but now it's offering a two-month free test.

Between today and April 26, if you sign up via, you'll be able to test Presto's Entertainment bundle free for two months. (As usual, you'll be asked for a credit card for the free trial, so make a note of the date you need to cancel.)

Presto is also being offered free to T-Box customers in a separate current promotion. Stan, Netflix and Quickflix all offer 30-day trials.


    6 months if you use the code TEL515 !

      Thanks! Thought I'll try it out and see how I go now I have Netflix AU, Stan and now Presto.

    Honestly, I'd at least take up the free offer, except the lack of Xbox app. So meh.

    I signed up for the 6 month trial and trawled the library last night. TV selection is lacking, but there's enough movies there that that we've added to the watchlist that we'll be able to occupy ourselves in any downtime for a while.

    This appears to be back on again. Saw a coupon code today, PRESTO60 gets you 2 months free

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