Pick The Right Wood For Your Project With This Guide

Pick the Right Wood for Your Project With This Guide

There are few things DIY enthusiasts love more than building things with their own hands. When it comes to woodworking, picking the right wood can be as important as it is confusing. This guide, from The Art of Manliness, can help.

Picture: Mike Mozart/Flickr

The site explains the difference between softwood and hardwood lumber, which classifications mean what, and even how to determine the moisture content at the time the lumber was surfaced. Knowing the difference in your lumber can mean the difference between making a side table that looks great for years, and one that starts warping before long.

The One-Stop Shop Guide to Lumber [The Art of Manliness]


    the guy doesn't know his timber. Softwood can't be recognised because you can scratch it with a nail.

    Q: is balsa wood hardwood or softwood?

    I'd like to know just how much of that applies to Australia. I've not seen any of those kind of gradings or terminology used when looking through the timber at Bunnings, for example. Now, that could very well be just how shitty Bunnings is, but as that's really my only option of buying timber that article isn't very helpful. Perhaps this site could offer advice on how to "Australinise" this article?

      As with most things America has their own terms. But also the timber available in Australia is different to what's available to them.

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