Pick The Best Cabin On Your Cruise By Checking The Deck Plan

Pick The Best Cabin On Your Cruise By Checking The Deck Plan

Cruises can be a relaxing way to spend your holiday time. Make your next one even better by using a deck plan to pick the best room. By comparing the deck layouts, you’ll be able to spot which rooms have undesirable locations, and which are close to amenities.

Deck plans from Princess Cruises

Conde Nast Traveller explains how you can utilise deck plans to get a room away from loud common areas:

Check the deck-by-deck plans for proximity to noisy elevators, restaurants, entertainment venues, and high-traffic areas. Remember, you don’t want to have to endure the insistent late-night thump of the nightclub or the rearranging of pool furniture above your head. Private outdoor space is crucial, especially if your itinerary includes many days at sea. Request a balcony if your budget allows. Some ships permit smoking on balconies, so check your cruise line’s policy lest you suffer every time your neighbour lights up.

In my experience on cruises, cabin location matters much more than its size. There’s so much to do on a cruise — from indulging in delicious dining to catching the captivating entertainment — that you actually don’t spend much time in your room.

Picking a great location can mean never being kept up at night by the dance hall above you or trekking all the way across the ship to get to your favourite activities. Most major cruise lines have deck plans available on their website. If they don’t, simply contact their customer service and ask for them.

26 Cruising Myths Debunked [Conde Nast Traveller]


  • Be wary of free upgrades when you board. You get no choice of where they are going to put you and in one case we saw, the couple were placed at the very front of ship and they puked all the way across the Atlantic as the movement of the ship in bad seas in greater at either end. Our advice is to get somewhere towards the centre where in bad seas it will only (sort of) move from left to right not with front to back added in.

    • I agree with Jerra,
      I’ve been on 3 cruises and cannot stress this enough. (Going on my 4th on March 25th!)

      If you get sea sick, the HIGHER and more CENTRAL you are, the better you will feel.

      Top middle is the perfect spot, being down on a low floor or at the front and rear will have you tossing cookies.

      • (Imagine laying in bed and feeling the bed drop out from underneath you, then getting pushed back up, repeating all night long…)

  • You also have to think about which side gets the best views coming in to ports, in some places all you’ll see is the ocean if you’re on the wrong side of the ship

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