Pick Makes Scheduling Times To Meet Easy

Whether you're planning a meeting with a colleague or you just want to grab dinner with a friend, it can be tough to find a time that suits everyone. Pick is a web service that makes it easy. You can use it on your own or with other people to pick the best times for all of you to get together, automatically.

Pick works two ways. You can use it to tell other people when the best times to meet with you are. You get a custom Pick URL that you can send to people so they can schedule time with you. It ties into your Google Calendar (Outlook and iCloud are coming soon). It's a great way to let other people figure out when you're free without having to go back and forth on the details.

The second approach works if you and everyone you want to meet with all use Pick together. Then the service can tell you when the best times for all of you are. The video above does a good job of showing you how the service works. It's free (for now, premium features are promised in the future) and you can either use it on the web or from its companion iPhone app (shown in the video; Android is on the way.)



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