MKBHD’s Dual 4K Video Production Workstation

MKBHD’s Dual 4K Video Production Workstation

Today’s featured workspace belongs to Marques Brownlee, better know as MKBHD for his famous tech videos on YouTube. As you might expect, this battlestation is packed with glorious gear, and it’s also a study in design balance and symmetry.

There are the two Asus PQ321Q 4K monitors, the NextDesk Air Pro desk that adjusts for both sitting and standing, the prominent two Yamaha HS8 speakers, and, of course, those awesome contrasting/complementing Paris and London posters. It’s a slick, clean space, with very concious choices in colour scheme and gadgets placement.

You can read more about it on the Reddit thread linked below.

Dual 4K video production sit/stand station [Reddit via @LordRavenscraft]


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