Microsoft Confirms Project Spartan Won’t Be Called Project Spartan

Microsoft Confirms Project Spartan Won’t Be Called Project Spartan

The successor to Internet Explorer won’t be called Project Spartan. Internet Explorer isn’t quite dead yet either.

Mind you, as a brand Internet Explorer is definitely on its last legs, but speaking at Microsoft Convergence, Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela stated that whilst Project Spartan is the internal code name for Microsoft’s next browser, it won’t be called that when you finally click on its icon sometime later this year.

In fact, Microsoft isn’t entirely sure what it will be called, with Capossela stating that “We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10.”

Presumably if you have a great marketing idea, you should forward your resume to him.

As we’ve noted previously, while Project Spartan is designed to be Internet Explorer’s successor, IE will still remain as a legacy browser for enterprise users. Microsoft’s expectation is that the IE crowd will shift over to the browser-formerly-known-as-Project-Spartan, but all those businesses still running sites reliant on ancient IE-only code might beg to differ.

Internet Explorer is finally dying…sort of [The Verge]


  • That’s a shame, I actually quite like the name. It goes well with Cortana. Microsoft should name all their new products after the Halo universe.

  • IE lives on? Damn.
    My industry relies too heavily on extremely out-dated tools that only run in IE (Some won’t even run in IE8+). I was hoping MS would just ditch it completely to force the creators to update.

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