Make Garlic Paste In A Plastic Bag For Easy Cleanup

Make Garlic Paste In A Plastic Bag For Easy Cleanup

Garlic paste is useful any time you want to add a pungent garlic flavour and smooth texture to any dish. Most chefs and home cooks make it with a technique that involves dragging the edge of a chef’s knife across a cutting board, but Food & Wine demonstrates a new way of making the stuff that changes everything.

Justin Chapple shows off the method in the video above. It’s amenable to small or large quantities, and — best of all — doesn’t leave you with a garlicky mess to clean up. Simply place peeled garlic cloves and salt into a seal-tight freezer bag, seal the the bag, and pound it lightly with a mallet. Using a rolling pin, roll the crushed garlic into a paste. Behold! You have garlic paste for building braises, dipping sauces, salad dressings and more.

If you use this stuff frequently, you can make a lot of it and freeze it in pre-portioned amounts for easy use.

How to Make Garlic Paste in a Baggie [Food & Wine]

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