How Apple Jacked Up iPhone 6 Pricing In Australia

How Apple Jacked Up iPhone 6 Pricing In Australia

Apple’s new skinny MacBook costs essentially the same in Australia as the US, with the pricing matching closely when you factor in exchange rates and taxes. But the declining Australian dollar also means that if you want to buy a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, it will now cost a lot more than when the phone launched last September.

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Apple updated its store this morning to incorporate its new Watch and MacBook models. It also increased the price on its iPhone models, presumably to take account of the declining value of the Australian dollar relative to the US. Here is how the prices have changed:

Model Old price New price % increase
iPhone 6 16GB $869 $999 14.96%
iPhone 6 64GB $999 $1149 15.02%
iPhone 6 128GB $1129 $1299 15.06%
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB $999 $1149 15.02%
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB $1129 $1299 15.06%
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB $1249 $1449 16.01%

That rise is likely to drive some people to consider signing up for a contract. We’d still suggest buying outright and going prepaid if you can afford it. Either way, Apple is defying the usual trend of phones becoming cheaper as they get older.


  • So we averaged 83cents when the iPhone 6 came out. Now we’re around 77cents. Doesn’t quite figure to me to be a 15% prices rise. And as mentioned on a product that is getting older. Sure it has not been out dated but keeping pricing the same would have been a better selling point.

    • Apple RRP is generally set in stone for 12 months after release, only getting cuts a week or two before the next version’s announcement… except for occasions like this or that time they pulled down their store in Russia because the ruble was so volatile.

    • It’s roughly correct, but for this instance. They have jacked it up by $40 or so more than what the exchange rate calculates out to. Unless they foresee the dollar going down further then the pricing would be correct.

      $649 iPhone 16gig
      Currency: Depending on what is set could be either 0.75 or 0.74.

      0.74/1 = $1.35 x $649 = $877.02 x 1.1 = $960
      0.75/1 = $1.33 x $649 = $865.11×1.1 = $951

      They had marked it up around 40-50 dollars roughly…

  • Anyone with half a brain will consider other options, rather than spending $1000 on a 16GB mobile with no expandable storage, a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM..

    • Anyone who needs low-latency audio recording on their phone or tablet is stuck with no other choice than Apple’s iOS (I’m a musician). That and the app called SKRWT. If someone could recommend Android alternatives for these, I would switch in a heartbeat.

      • Likewise. I am actually stuck in Apples Ecosystem. Most my music creation is always done on the run. My main DAW at home is Logic X so stuck with a Apple for my main PC and my on the run tools are all iOS applications (Animoog, iMS20, Polysix, Thor, Audio Bus, Figure, etc.) so I am stuck with and iPad and iPhone. In regards to laptops a MacBook Air running Logic X is actually very cost effective, but iOS devices just kill me (even though the quality of the audio applications for the price are a bargain).

        It annoys me that I get called and idiot and fan boy, but I move on fairly quickly and continue with using my devices for my needs.

        Have to also admit I know people that have an iPhone just for making phone calls and chose the iPhone because they think it’s cool.

  • I’m slightly mystified by the news today. The watch stinks, the new Macbook is emperor’s new clothes, the MBA fail and now they’re putting up the price of something they sell hand over fist…

    I first brought Apple in 2002…. Those days may be coming to an end.

    • yeah but….GOLD MACBOOK lololol (seriously though, it looks great….my wife will love it)

  • And here I was, looking at buying an iphone 6 to replace my dying nexus 5.

    And then they bump up the price on an already old piece of tech.

    No thanks Apple, just when I was drawing close, you scare me away again. Thanks I guess.

    • I was about to walk into Apple on Saturday and buy 2 iPhone 6 Plus’s. You’re telling me that it’ll cost me $300 more this Saturday than it did last Saturday? Bite me Apple! At least I can still get them through Kogan for $989!

    • wait another 6 months and the 6S will be out. thats what i think im doing. im still using a 4!

  • $1000 even for the base model seems rather steep. Presumably they are so confident in their market share that they can charge whatever they like. Though you’d imagine the majority will be bought by the telcos to tie customers to 2 year no-opt-out contracts

  • What the hell is with these ….ALSO ON LIFEHACKER banner ads at the top of the comments? I didnt come here from a link off site, I came here from Lifehacker front page…so why do I see this?

    • x2 on this. Now we have article links to the right, the top, the bottom, and half way down the page? A bit excessive.

    • Agreed! It’s one of the trashiest trends on the web at the moment. Great work on stooping so low Allure…

  • It wasn’t only the iPhone that increased in price in Australia. The 13″ MacBook Pro retina now starts at $1799 instead of $1599, the 15″ MacBook Pro Retina now starts at $2799 instead of $2499, the 11″ MacBook Air now starts at $1249 instead of $1099, the 13″ MacBook Air now starts at $1399 instead of $1199, the old MacBook Pro now starts at $1549 instead of $1349, the iPod shuffle 2gb is now $75 instead of $55, The 16gb iPod nano is now $219 instead of $169, all MagSafe chargers are now $119 instead of $99, the Lightning and 30 pin cables are now $29 instead of $25, the Airport Express is now $149 instead of $119, the AirPort Time Capsule now starts at $419 instead of $349 and many other things have increased in price also. Yes there were performance increases with the Macbook Air and 13″ rMBP but not $200 worth, and for everything else? The Australian dollar being slightly less shouldn’t matter to them, they are they biggest company in the world. They also don’t pay tax in Australia so go figure. I actually love Apple products but i’m starting to change my mind.

    • Don’t forget the Apple TV remains at $109 while it dropped from US$99 to US$69 (and equivalent price drops in other countries, e.g. €109 down to €79)

  • I was on the verge of buying a MacBook Pro last week. Now the equivalent specs are around $300 more. Wouldn’t be so pissed if I had seen Apple prices fall when the $A was above party. Testing loyalty!

  • I’m lucky I got my iPhone 6 on launch day, if I was looking for one now I would consider switching to the Nexus 6 as last time I checked it launched at the $869 price tag as well.

    I’m locked in to the Apple ecosystem with my iPhone, however this BS will drive consumers away.

  • Is this JUST for the iPhone 6 then? The new pricing of the Apple TV in the US of $69 hasn’t been updated on the AU store. Any idea if we’ll get the price slash here too?

    • I highly doubt the ATV price will drop here. They’ll just keep it at $109.
      FYI, old Macbooks also increased a few hundred dollars each and Apple accessories (cables, chargers, etc) increased as well.

  • Telstra are still selling outright at cheaper than apples old pricing. iPhone 6 $864 for 16gb $999 for 64gb
    (work at telstra)

  • even though the manufacturing costs of the iphone6 is $200.10 they charge so much and ppl line up in droves to buy it this world is a lost cause.

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