Google Calendar Arrives On iPhone

iOS: Google released its Google Calendar app for iPhone today. Like the Android version, you have quick access to Gmail events, easy event creation, and multiple views to check out your schedule.

As far as functionality is concerned, Google Calendar for iPhone does everything you'd expect. Any events from your Gmail account are automatically added to your calendar, including flight, hotel, concert and dinner reservations. It will also suggest different events, places and people based on your history.

It also features a couple of different views so you can glance over your upcoming schedule quickly. Even better, Google Calendar works with the calendars already on your phone, including Exchange and iCloud. The app's available in the iTunes App Store right now.

Google Calendar (Free) [iTunes App Store via Official Gmail Blog]


    No week view

      3 days only...
      and the month view doesnt show activity like the IOS Calendar. that said, the google one is definitely prettier

        No month view either. Just 1 day or 3 days :(

          If you click on the name of the month you get a full month calendar. But other than showing you that Friday is the 13th, and the 31st is a Tuesday it doesn't show any activity, like appointments on those days.

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