Get A PS1 Emulator Up And Running On A Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi 2 is fast enough to run a bunch of new emulators, but the Playstation emulator is easily the one people are the most excited about. YouTuber TechTipta shows off the installation process for the PS1 using our favourite tool, RetroPie.

As you'd expect, you'll need to do some special setup to get the Playstation emulator working, including getting a BIOS file, fixing video output, setting up the GPU memory, and doing a little work to get the analogue controls working. Hopefully, this will get a little smoother over time, but the video above will help you get it set up and working in a jiffy for now.

RetroPie PS1 Tutorial = PS X Emulation Setup and Configuration [YouTube]


    sleek media center and expandable nas - works great, super fast on over-clocked raspberry pi b+

      Advertising products in the comments section now?

    am i missing something in the ebay link? Looks like an outdated raspberry pi that did sell for $35

    I wonder when more advanced emulators will be available for Pi 2 (like PS2 or )

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