Froth Milk Easily With A Tea Infuser

Froth Milk Easily With a Tea Infuser

Frothy, foamy milk is a delicious add to your morning (or anytime) cup of joe. If you don't have a milk frother on hand, you can use a handheld tea ball infuser to get the job done.

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WonderHowTo lists a few different options for frothing milk at home. The milk first needs to be heated to 35C. You can do this by microwaving it for about a minute. After that, just use your tea diffuser to stir the milk and create bubbles. Here's how they explain it:

Another great frother is the squeezable tea ball infuser. This the thing that you put tea leaves into and steep in your cup. The holes work perfectly to break up the liquid and introduce air, just be sure to keep it clean as any leftover tea debris can affect the foam and the taste.

Of course, an actual milk frother is affordable and does the job too, but many of us don't have one on hand. For more options for frothing, check out the full post.

The Science of Frothing: How to Make Your Own Milk Foam [WonderHowTo]


    Hell, when I want frothy milk I usually leave or pour an inch or so (2.54 cm plus for the pedantics) of it in the bottom of a plastic milk container and shake the living shit out of it for a minute or so.

    Seems to work fine straight out of the fridge hanging upside down here on the bottom of the planet... need to use full-cream milk though, skim doesn't froth up very well.

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