Create A Custom Weight Loss Meal Plan In Four Steps

Create A Custom Weight Loss Meal Plan In Four Steps

Eating healthy at home is easy…if you have a nutritionist and chef on hand. In reality, figuring out what to eat and when can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide from fitness coach and author JC Deen takes away the guess work.

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According to JC Deen, there are four steps to creating a meal plan for weight loss:

Step One: Determine your total caloric intake for your weight maintenance and the amount needed to lose body fat.

Step Two: Determine your optimal meal frequency. This is HIGHLY individual, but it’s important.

Step Three: Plan your meals ahead of time. I know this ain’t a sexy idea, but if you want to succeed, it’s a small price to pay.

Step Four: Cultivate the discipline necessary to make all of this work together.

The comprehensive guide goes into specific details of what to eat, how to plan your meals, and how to get adequate micronutrients from your diet without without using supplements. The article is a bit lengthy (5000+ words), but it’s worth a read if you’re setting up a weight loss diet for the first time. For the full guide, check out the link below.

How To Build Your Weight Loss Meal Plans And Make Losing Fat Easier On Yourself [JCDFitness]

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  • This is an awesome article on a weight loss meal that could work. I have noticed that most weight loss meals a good, and in theory should work. The main issue that prevents them form being effective is where the person is in terms of commitment. Just like anything else in life, if you do not commit, it will not work for you. You have to be mentally prepared to do all you have to do to make the plan work.

  • I am gonna follow these 4 steps from now onwards…. I have been very lazy these days about my weight loss regime. But, now I would not be.. This article has given me motivation. I am a working women and sits around 9 hrs in my office. Mynahcare. I have gained 10 kg in just 2 months. I really wanna get back in shape now…

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