Build A 'Fake TV' Burglar Deterrent For When You're On Holidays

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Most burglars are only interested in a place when it's obvious that there is nobody home. If you're going on holidays, this build makes it look like there's always someone home watching TV, without you having to actually run your TV the whole time.

There are products out there that are designed for this same purpose, but they can get expensive. This build from Instructables user JonBush would probably cost you much less to build and it's far more customisable. Using an AT Tiny 85 and some NeoPixels, the device flashes lights towards blinds or curtains to make it look exactly like a TV being watched in the living room. This will use less power than a TV, and you can setup some power outlet timers so it only runs at night. For the complete guide and code, check out the link below.

Fake TV - Burlgar Deterrent [Instructables]


    An even cheaper and easier solution is to not go on holidays and stay home watching television.

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