Briefly: Entourage Movie Trailer, Electro Zelda, Slender Man 101

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch the Entourage movie trailer, a brief history of the "Slender Man" phenomena, in Soviet Russia, McMufins eat YOU.

  • has knocked up to 75 per cent off its weekly staff picks — titles include Rogue Legacy, NEO Scavenger, Tales of Maj’Eyal and Ascendant. For more online bargains, head to our Hump Day Deals page.
  • Link to the Future is an electro-house remix of practically every song from the classic video game Zelda: A Link to the Past. Click here to hear one of the best tracks.
  • Slender Man is a modern-day boogeyman spawned on the internet who has inspired countless urban myths and even a real-life attempted murder. You can read up on the sprightly entity here.
  • The movie version of Entourage has a new trailer out. Watch it here.
  • Taco Bell's latest US advert takes direct aim at the Golden Arches by imagining a Dystopian future ruled by clowns where everyone is forced to eat McMuffins for breakfast. Classic.


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