Briefly: 80% Off Rockstar Games, VR Smell Machine, Galapagos Island Babies

A Scent-Blasting Face Mask: Because Virtual Reality Isn't Weird Enough

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: get 80% off Rockstar games at the PlayStation Store, baby tortoises found on Galapagos Island for first time in over 100 years, scent-blasting VR face masks are radical.

  • Baby tortoises have been sighted on Galapagos Island for the first time in over a century. Hurrah!
  • Titanfall PC season passes are now free from the Origin Store.
  • Ever wondered what it looks like to crash your rally car into a reservoir? Wonder no longer.
  • The PlayStation store has slashed the price of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition from $84.95 to $17.95. This is an excellent price for an above-average GTA clone. You can also get up to 80 per cent off Rockstar games.
  • The virtual reality innovations just keep on coming. The latest creation is a scent-blasting face mask that promises to add nostril-based atmosphere to your virtual worlds. Here's a video of the technology in action.


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