'Big Data Means Nothing Without Big Judgement'

Big data is a key theme for computing in 2015, even if it's hard to find the skills needed to make it a reality. It's worth remembering, however, that big data is only useful if it leads to a change in business behaviour.

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Cisco's Internet of everything practice head Joseph Bradley reiterated that point during a session at Cisco Live 2015 in Melbourne this week. As he pointed out:

Big data is absolutely worth nothing without big judgement. If you do the same thing you did before I presented you the data, there's no value.

While big data projects might occasionally be used to confirm an existing strategy, the expense involved means they only really make sense if you can use them to justify more radical change. The key question, Bradley suggests, is "How do I connect that solution to allow people to do something different?" That's not necessarily a technical challenge — often it's a cultural one — but it's something you'll need to address for any big data project.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Cisco.


    This is a lesson that needs to be taught to the Australian Government (and all its departments).

    Seriously, the Meta-data plan is a Big Data disaster waiting to happen. They will have the data and will still use the same backward thinking that let Monis drop off their radar because dispite all the information they had on him, he wasnt considered enough of a threat to warrant follow up investigation (ie time and money).... now with meta-data times that by 18 million people and everything they do on a computer or phone, and see how well they go mining that impossible bundle of data.

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