Ask LH: Why Will My Tablet Only Show Half The Screen?

Hi Lifehacker, I have an Xperia Tablet Z and recently noticed the screen went black half way down. I have not dropped it and my screen has no cracks or scratches. The rotate feature works and I can see half of the screen at a time depending on how I rotate it. When I take a screenshot, I get a picture of the full screen. I tried a factory reset to no avail. What could cause this? Thanks, Back In Black

Dear BIB,

That sounds more like some kind of mechanical fault, drop or not, is at play. The first thing I'd do is check online for similar reports, because that's often a good way to spot if anyone else has had the same issue and/or come up with a solution.

Unfortunately for you, a quick search brings up this thread on Sony's Mobile forums, which doesn't sound encouraging for any kind of simple software fix.

As such, it's most likely a hardware fault, and that sadly means it's time to chase up repair or replace options. Bear in mind that your contract of sale for the device under Australian law is with the store you purchased it from, so if it's reasonably new they should be your first port of call for repair or replacement options.

Cheers Lifehacker

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