10 Of The Safest Major Cities Around The World

10 Of The Safest Major Cities Around The World
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It’s useful to have an overall idea of how safe cities are, whether you’re scouting for a new place to live or planning a trip. Here are ten of the safest major cities around the globe.

In its “Safe Cities Index 2015”, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) used 44 specific indicators to decide how safe certain cities are. They then divided these into four main safety categories:

  • Digital security: Identity theft, online privacy
  • Health security: Environment, air and water quality
  • Infrastructure safety: Buildings, roads, bridges
  • Personal safety: Crime, violence

The ranking doesn’t cover every global city, but it does highlight some interesting trends. The top 10 cities amongst those studied:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Singapore
  3. Osaka
  4. Stockholm
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Sydney
  7. Zurich
  8. Toronto
  9. Melbourne
  10. New York

You can also find more information on the methodology in the report; just click the link below.

The Safe Cities Index 2015 [The Economist]


  • I lived in Tokyo for 6 years. I can tell you that sex crimes are rampant and incredibly under reported because the police don’t take them seriously. This list is bogus as hell.

    • That’s everywhere. If you included all the unreported cases of marital and date rape in Sydney, it would get knocked out of that list. Conversely, if you ignored it then Delhi wouldn’t seem so bad.

      • It’s a problem everywhere, absolutely. It’s a much bigger problem in Japan than people would like you to think. So much so that the government routinely ignores the problem. It’s not like Delhi, where the government will tell you it doesn’t matter. Japan pretends to care very loudly while actively covering up an epidemic of stalking and sexual assault.

  • My friend (teaching English) was mugged in Tokyo and the police basically treated her with no respect. They didn’t even offer to pay for a cab for her trip home until she insisted and insisted and basically “embarrassed herself” by making a scene. Also the “fun game” that men play in Tokyo, by basically harassing women on the street until they give in to either a photo shoot or to work in a local bar (recently they have hired women to do the harassment). Once again woman are made to feel like they are doing something wrong,
    Whilst the overall crime rate – theft, bashings, murder etc may not be high, its a shame that many sexual crimes go unreported due to the cultural shame attached to it.

  • I have friends living in Seoul who proudly boast that it’s the “safest city in the world”.
    Doesn’t seem to make the top ten here….?

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