Your Disaster Recovery Policy Boils Down To This One Basic Question

Your Disaster Recovery Policy Boils Down To This One Basic Question

Planning a disaster recovery (DR) strategy can be a complex and time-consuming task. One simple question can help you focus your planning: How much data are you prepared to lose?

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Andrew Martin, APJ director for DR virtualisation provider Zerto, suggested the question at the Tech Leaders media conference in the Blue Mountains over the weekend. Most businesses are likely to respond "I don't want to lose anything", if only because of uncertainty about the repercussions. Take advantage of that to ensure you get a decent budget for disaster recovery.

The other key question Martin suggested was "How quickly do I need to get it back?" While that process can be speedier with cloud-based backup, it still isn't immediate/

The one thing you can't do anymore is assume that there will be a convenient period where you can take systems offline to duplicate them. "The backup window doesn't exist anymore," Martin said.


  • This isn’t new, it’s just a rephrasing of the need for business to define their RPOs (how much they’re willing to lose) and RTOs (how quickly they need it back).

  • hi drcollossus, you are absolutely correct there is nothing new about RPO and RTO discussions. However there is a whole lot new about how Zerto addresses these concepts. you can see a 90 second video that explains how on our web site home page.

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