You Can Download The Office 2016 Preview For Windows 10 Now

One of the key announcements during the Windows 10 briefing earlier this month was Office 2016, which will run as a universal app across all Windows 10 devices. If you're running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can now download beta versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint from that suite.

The apps are now available via the Windows Store, provided you have the latest public build of Windows 10. As with previous Office betas, we wouldn't necessarily assume these free versions will work once the full commercial packages are released later this year, but it's a good chance to check out the new versions.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps now available for the Windows 10 Technical Preview [Blogging Windows]


    Just a heads up, it is NOT available in the store yet, for anyone. Looked for it myself and couldn't find it, then read the article and comments which states it will be out in the coming weeks.

      Now it is!

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