Windows Server 2003 Is Still A Massive Target For Hackers

Windows Server 2003 reaches the end of its useful life on July 14 this year, with no more patches after that date. If you assumed that such a (relatively) ancient operating system doesn't require much updating, think again.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

A blog post from Microsoft points out that there were 21 critical updates for Windows Server 2003 in 2014, and 37 in 2013. Given how much of the Windows code base remains in place through each version for legacy purposes, it seems certain that problems will continue to appear on the platform.

Come July, those issues won't be fixed — which makes 2003 a risky proposition. We know businesses will persist in using outdated software, but that doesn't make it a wise choice.

Prioritize Your Windows Server 2003 Migration Plans [Azure Blog]


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