Virgin Mobile Has Upped Data On Its Cheapest Month-To-Month Plan

Recent changes from rivals have meant that Optus-owned Virgin Mobile hasn't been looking very competitive in the no-contract/prepaid space. Does doubling data on one of its SIM plans put it back into contention?

If you sign up for the month-to-month $35 SIM only plan between now and 4 March will receive 2GB of data per month, double the previous 1GB on offer. That plan also includes $500 in call credit (which amounts to 211 2-minute calls) and unlimited Australian texts.

2GB of data is enough for many people, but it's not a particularly generous offer. Optus' $30 recharge includes 1.5GB of data and 350 minutes of calls, so the added data does make Virgin Mobile more competitive with its parents. But you can still score more data from Amaysim, Vaya and Jeenee (sticking purely to Optus network plans).

The added data lasts as long as you maintain the plan — and that's the sneakiest aspect. One of the key benefits of month-to-month and prepaid plans is that you can switch providers if a better offer comes along (or if performance worsens). Having a "limited" offer means that if you switch, you won't be able to switch back to the same deal.


    The extra data is alright, it would be 4G data, which gives it the edge over Amaysim, but it's still only 2GB compared to Amaysim's 5GB for $44.90.

      spintel do 2.5gb for $24, (that is with the lowest call/sms package) - and if you go over that its $15/gb

      be prepared for woeful customer service though.

        oh, and it's optus4g
        Was a good enough deal for me to move on from my old iinet $20 1.5gb 3g-only plan

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