Video Briefly: Anti-Vax Explained, Rubik's Cube Tricks, Daredevil Returns

Brief video items for Lifehacker readers, including: the best ads from Super Bowl XLIX, the first trailer to Netflix's Daredevil reboot, crazy Rubik's Cube tricks.

  • Gizmodo has assembled a video gallery of the best ads from Super Bowl XLIX; including new movie trailers for Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys and The Fast & The Furious 7. Watch them here.
  • In response to dwindling sales, McDonald's chose to exit Iceland back in 2009 (they prefer hákarl up there). To commemorate the occasion, Hjörtur Smárason purchased a burger on closing day and kept it in his garage. It eventually made its way to the Bus Hostel Reykjavik in Iceland and can be viewed on a 24/7 live video stream. Terrifyingly, it doesn't appeared to have changed much. You can watch the live stream here.
  • Can't get enough of super heroes? Here's the first trailer to Netflix's Daredevil series. Looking pretty good.
  • Moog is reissuing a limited number of instruments from the its extinct line of crazy modulars from the 1970s with prices starting at $10,000. You'll probably never actually get to play one, but at the very least you can revel in this magnificent demo.
  • HTC made a rap video to diss Apple and Samsung. It's possibly the worst thing ever made.
  • How does your dog smell? This video has the answers.
  • A wall filled with hard ceramic balls is bulletproof. It stops bullets from penetrating through the wall and even prevents bullets from ricocheting off the wall too. It’s basically the best shield against a gun we have. Here's a video.
  • John Collins made the farthest-flying paper aeroplane in the recorded history of paper aeroplanes. Here's a video of it being made.
  • The Australian Government has released a new cyber-security video starring former radio “personality” Merrick Watts. It is pretty painful to watch.
  • The always excellent Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting takes a fascinating look at why some films resonate with us by explaining what the average movie goer thinks is unexplainable. Take Drive. Anyone who saw the movie knew it looked beautiful and felt alive. Why? It’s the simple quadrant system.
  • Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman recently showed off his reasonably impressive Rubik's Cube skills. Now watch a guy solve the puzzle with one hand while simultaneously juggling. Sorry Gus; you've been usurped.
  • If you've got any common sense, you’ll be rightly annoyed by the building wave of parents refusing to vaccinate their kids at the moment. This 90-second video from Penn and Teller explains the theory behind the movement and why it's patently wrong.


    Just a heads up, there's no link to the Penn & Teller video (I'm guessing it's the P&T Bullshit intro for their ep on Anti-vaxxers?).

    The link to the Penn & Teller story is missing - and which story provided the picture at the top of the article?

      The link has been fixed up. (The image is from the Super Bowl ads link. It's for a new medieval warfare app spruiked by supermodel Kate Upton.)

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