Van Heusen Move Business Shirts + Suits: Innovative Tech For Movement

Sharp business wear is essential to make the right impression, but you need to be comfortable on the job. Work life can have us running to meetings, on the train or reaching up to stow luggage on a plane. Van Heusen’s new stylish Move jackets, trousers and shirts are engineered for comfort and freedom of movement with advanced fabrics and construction. Take a look.

Regular Lifehacker readers may know Van Heusen for its cooling and non-crush business wear. The new Move collection builds on that tradition with a line developed for the everyday guy wanting to make an affordable investment in his style and comfort.

Tech Specs

The Van Heusen Move suit blends natural fibre wool with a hint of elastane for enhanced flexibility. In the suit jackets, super stretch panels in the shoulder (within the jacket lining) provide unmatched range of motion for your arms and shoulders. If you’d like to add some refined flair, colourful jacket linings, under-collars and pull up pocket-square styles are available.

Meanwhile, the waistband on the trousers has been built to move with your body and optimise fit — without stretching permanently. Available in Classic, European and Slim fits.

Van Heusen’s stylish Move shirts complement the suit and jacket to work as a system, but they’re also great on their own. Premium cotton is blended with nylon and subtle spandex for enhanced overall fit and flexibility. Move shirts are available in Classic, European and Slim fits, with a variety of colours to choose from.

Your clothes should support you, shape you. Not get in your way.

Explore the Van Heusen Move collection.

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