Taste Test: Can McDonald’s New Breakfast BLT Beat The Original Bacon & Egg McMuffin?

The Golden Arches recently expanded its morning menu with a selection of “Value Range” items for breakfasting cheapskates. The hero product of the new range is the $2 BLT McMuffin which consists of bacon, lettuce tomato and mayo in a bread muffin. We decided to give one a try to see how it compares to a Bacon & Egg McMuffin (aka the breakfast of champions). Read on to see how it fares.

When you want a quick ‘n’ greasy breakfast on the way to work, it’s hard to look past a McDonald’s Bacon & Egg McMuffin. It’s affordable, big enough to fill a hole and – if you’re grossly irresponsible – possible to eat in one hand while driving.

The BLT McMuffin ticks all of the same boxes. As an added bonus, it’s also healthier thanks to the salad fillings and total kilojoule count of 906kJ. So really, it all comes down to the taste.

I’m normally quite partial to a BLT sandwich, but it’s not something I’d ever choose to eat for breakfast or on a bread muffin. It’s a concept that seems much better suited to McDonald’s lunch menu. (If nothing else, this would give calorie-counters something to complement their salad bowl.)

In terms of taste, the BLT McMuffin was a little on the bland side. The main reason for this is the lack of cheese, which is where most of a McMuffin’s flavour comes from. I’m also not entirely convinced that lettuce and tomato belongs on a muffin – it gives the bread an unpleasantly soggy texture.

I'm willing to bet that most Bacon & Egg McMuffin fans will be disappointed with the BLT. Our advice is to stick with the original. If you're desperate to find out what a BLT McMuffin tastes like, just add salad to the Bacon & Egg version — most McDonald's outlets will do this free of charge.

Verdict: 6/10


    Not to mention that thing is messy to make and eat. If you don't want lettuce through your car, I highly recommend not eating it one-handed while driving.

    Seems like this is targeted at those people who don't like the regular Bacon & Egg / Sausage & Egg McMuffins. Or, perhaps Egg in general. About time they had this option, instead of charging extra to remove egg and add lettuce and tomato.

    Agreed but, It doesn't really belong on a muffin.

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