Tally 2 Is A Simple, Eyes-Free Counter For iOS

Tally 2 Is a Simple, Eyes-Free Counter for iOS

iOS: It's a rare occurrence for most of us, but sometimes you need to keep track of something and tally up a total. Tally 2 is a simple little app that does just that, and it's free for the basic version.

We've mentioned Tally before when it was a paid app, but now it's free for most uses. It's also dead-simple to use. Tap the screen to count, or swipe down to reverse. You can also change step increments, add visual/audio confirmation and easily share your tallies with others. For a $2.49 in-app purchase you can get unlimited tally counters and a nice dark theme. It's a simple thing, but it really is useful for those rare moments when you need to keep track and count something.

Tally 2 (free) [iTunes App Store]


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