Stop Your Glasses From Slipping Off Your Face With Ponytail Holders

Stop Your Glasses from Slipping Off Your Face with Ponytail Holders

My favourite pair of eyeglasses had a terrible tendency of slipping off my nose when I looked down. The simple tool that finally has them staying put: ponytail holders.

I realised one day after tying my hair back with the elastic that it could offer some grip on my wide eyeglasses. A couple of twists of the elastic at the back of the arms and now the glasses are non-slip.

The elastic isn't even noticeable because it's behind your ear, but you can get clear elastics or, I guess, use rubber bands.

Either way, it's a solution to an annoying problem and quicker to try than adding shrink wrap to your glasses.


    Or you could get proper glasses with a bend in the arms and make sure they fit properly.
    Surely that would be less tacky and more comfortable.

      Funnily enough my glasses had the bent arms, though they still slipped since the arms themselves were too long. This article was a great help imho.

    Or you could goto the glasses shop (spec savers are great) and they will tighten it up for you and/or bend the arms to the correct shape to hug your head and ears so it wont slide off.

      True, most optometrists are happy to tighten up glasses which is good for a while. But, budget glasses like Specsavers are made from cheaper materials (I have three pairs from them!) so they flex and get out of shape more easily. If you can afford better glasses, buy them. If not, try to keep them in a hard container when you aren't wearing them, and be careful how you jam them on to your face!

    My glasses have about 2.5" of a rubber material covering the end of the arms for this exact reason. Built-in Oakley feature :)

    Heat shrink works well too.

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