SMSmart Simulates Useful Apps Using SMS When You Have No Data

Mobile data is nearly ubiquitous, but there are still times when you find yourself outside the coverage area or don't want to chew throw your miserable allowance. SMSmart can do basic searches, get directions, search Wikipedia and perform more tasks using SMS.

SMSmart will conduct searches in the background and then reformat the results in a more usable form. If you have a plan with unlimited texts but not much data, this could be useful. It's also very handy to have if your connection becomes unreliable.

SMSmart [Google Play Store]


    presumably this app would text US based numbers for the info? how many australian phone plans have unlimited texts to overseas numbers?

    This sounds like a great idea, but it doesn't work in Australia yet :(

    sounds great, since im with telstra I get unlimited SMS

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