Save A Dish That's Too Spicy By Adding Some Acid

Save a Dish That's Too Spicy by Adding Some Acid

Sometimes we go a little overboard when we're cooking. If your spicy dish is bringing too much heat, a little acid can help cut through it.

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It's hard to tell how much spicy is too much sometimes, but it doesn't have to mean your dish is ruined. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, Andrea Lynn at the food blog Serious Eats suggests you add acid to your dish however you can.

You can use different types of vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, or whatever other acids you might have around. Just make sure that it doesn't change the flavours you've already created too much. You can also add some sweetness or dairy if you have that around, and carrots or potatoes can help absorb some of the spice too.

What to Do When You Add Too Much Spice [Serious Eats]


    "Too spicy". HAHAHAHAHA.

    Oh, you were being serious?

    So to stop the burn, you have to trip out on acid. I so need to go to your dinner parties!!

    Mild at Nandos has given me the sweats before .... #cantdospicyfoodsverywellsadface


      i believe hydrochloric or caustic is more effective.

        Caustic is alkali. Fail.

          ha ha ha ha. too much Pay Day 2 - got my my chemicals mixed up. guess im not in charge of cooking the meth next time i do Rats.

        Caustic isn't an acid

    A lot of cheap chilli sauces use acid as the "burn" in their cheap arse sauce. Ali Baba are one to take note of.

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