Ruslan Kogan Has Completely Forgotten How To Do The Washing Up

Life's tough when you're a millionaire. Ruslan Kogan, founder of online retailer, recently posted on LinkedIn about how his dishwasher breaking down made him realise that we often fail to appreciate the inventors of life-transforming technologies. But the lesson we absorbed was slightly different: in the last decade, Kogan has completely lost the elementary household skill of washing his own dishes by hand.

We take Kogan's main point: that we often don't realise who invented the tech that simplifies our life. The dishwasher as we know it was invented by Josephine Cochrane. But the paragraph that jumped out for us was this description of what happened after the dishwasher :

Within a couple of days, the kitchen was a mess. The last time I’ve washed dishes by hand was at school camp in 1997. The dishes had piled up in the sink. I couldn’t have a coffee in the morning because all the mugs were dirty. The kitchen was a disaster zone.

Someone needs to head round to Kogan's place as a matter of urgency and explain to him what that thing called a sink is actually for. If he thinks hand washing is not a valuable use of his time, I'm sure someone on AirTasker would be only too happy to come around and do it for him.

Once the dishwasher is fixed, he might want to check out our guide to correctly using a dishwasher. But really, it would be cheaper and more humanising to buy a scourer and tackle those dirty dishes.


    Perhaps he didn't have any detergent? And given he had to wait for the fix over the Christmas period, his mind had moved on to solving other issues - only to revisit when the fix came.

    Seriously how can you forget to wash dishes, sometimes it takes more effort/time to load and unload the dishwasher compared to actually doing the dishes by hand!! There is always a point where doing them by hand with take longer but that is dependent on the amount of dishes that you have to do.

      I lived in a house without a dishwasher for a few years and I swore that a dishwasher cycle would be completed well before I did an equivalent sized stack of dishes by hand. I found it staggering that at the next house the dishwasher took 90 minutes to complete its cycle. At least that 90 minutes does save you about half an hour of manual work. Though if you need dishes in a hurry, you'll certainly have them available much sooner if you wash by hand. These days I tend to do a combination of hand washing and use the dish washer to take up the slack when things get overwhelming.

    lol I'm sure if he was desperate enough he'd be able to rinse a mug out and reuse it

    They guy is a douche. I dont like him. And the fact that he's showing that he doesnt (or refuses to) do dishes by hand just re-emphasises my point that he's a douche. Rather than complain about it, with all the money he's got he could call in a maid for a day once a week to do that and a whole stack of other work. Or perhaps just spend his own money (which would be pocket change in his bank account) and order one and get it installed rather than wait a week and whinge in a manner to show himself as so busy and important that he doesnt have the time to do the dishes. Tosser.

    I believe the point that Ruslan was trying to make, was that there are little pieces of technology in our lives which we take for granted but that save us heaps of time/money/effort.

    I'm not sure that he would be trying to show hmself as busy and important, nor does this sound like a whingeing millionaire, bemoaning the loss of one of his hyper expensive pieces of technology.

    I imagine that most of us have dish-washers, vacuum cleaners and washing machines, and that without them, we would very quickly realise how important they are in our modern lives.

    This discussion seems to habe been taken a little out of proportion.

      Agreed. It doesn't say anything in his LinkedIn post to the effect that he has "completely forgotten how" to wash dishes. That's just artistic licence by Angus.

      He's lazy yes, but this article's title is a bit misleading and hence the character assasinations above

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