Rewrite Your Job Ad To Show Why A Potential Employee Should Work For You

Recruiting staff can be difficult, especially if you need specialist skills. While left-field tactics can work, changing your approach to writing the job ad can also help. Rather than just listing skills, switch the focus to why you'd be a good employer.

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The Wall Street Journal reports on a recent study which compared responses to a fake job ad. Two types of ads were used. One focused on what the employer needed, which is the usual format for job ads. The other focused on what the company could do for the employee — emphasising the impact the job would have, or the potential for future growth.

Not only did more candidates respond to the "employee-centric" ad, the applicants were also of higher quality. The lesson? Ask not what a potential employee can do for you, but what you can do for them.

The Simple Change That Attracts Great Job Applicants [WSJ]


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