Revealed: The Top Five Data-Hogging Mobile Games On The Planet

US software giant Citrix has released its latest Mobile Analytics Report, which looks at how consumers and businesses use their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Among the facts and figures that caught out eye was a table revealing the top five mobile games ranked by data volume in 2015. If you're on a tight data allowance, the following apps are definitely best avoided...

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According to Citrix's data, the top five mobile games by data volume are CSR Racing, Diamond Dash, Top Eleven, Hay Day and Subway Surfers, respectively. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all five of the aforementioned apps contained video delivered over the network. This was in stark contrast to Q1 2013 when none of the top five apps did.

The report also found that iPhone 6 Plus owners chew through twice as much data as iPhone 6 owners; presumably due to the larger screen enticing users to consume more video.

The lesson here is that you should carefully monitor your data use on a per-app basis and perhaps give the "phablet" a miss if you're on a tight data plan. You can find additional tips on stretching out your phone data here.

[Citrix Mobile Analytics Report Feburary 2015]


    how does INGRESS not make this list?!?!

      I did wonder that initially (it's my top data hog these days). But most of the data in Ingress is game state and whatnot, which would be much smaller than streamed video content.

    Solution : Android :P
    at least on my note 3 it lets me hard cap data use over a set period, with a configurable warning

    ... You do realise that screen size has ZERO to do with the amount of data used, right? Maybe more 6+ users are looking up videos on their big screen, but the screen itself does not require "more data" than it's normal counterpart.

      I thought that went without saying, but agree the sentence could have been clearer. I've updated it to avoid confusion.

    I went from an S4 to the Note Edge and I don't use more data then I did previously. I don't see how the large screen contributes to more data usage.

    I played most of those games in 2013, and none of the games in the 2014 or 2015 list. I still enjoy simple games like Two Dots and Reaper

    Simpsons: Tapped Out seems an egregious omission.

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