Puree Vegetables For A Quicker, Thicker Tomato Sauce

Puree Veggies for a Quicker, Thicker Tomato Sauce

Everyone should learn how to make a quick and tasty tomato sauce. Save time by pureeing the vegetables with a food processor.

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In an interview on Food&Wine, chef Salvatore Cracco explains why this method makes for a better sauce:

The finely chopped vegetables literally fall apart and will disintegrate in the sauce, adding body to the sauce that helps it coat the noodles better. You get all that flavour, and it saves so much time.

Make sure you cook the water off after you've pureed the veggies, then make your sauce as normal. Besides being quicker than chopping the vegetables by hand, you also make the sauce thicker by using this method. If you don't have a food processor, try a metal sieve or a blender.

Time-Saving Tip: Ultra-Easy Tomato Sauce [Food&Wine]


    I just put ALL my food in a food processor before I eat it. It saves so much time and I'm often surprised by the results.

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