Protect Kids From Sharp Furniture With Pool Noodles

Protect Kids from Sharp Furniture with Pool Noodles

After you have kids, you start realising that some of your furniture isn't kid-friendly. You don't need to put those tables with sharp edges into storage. A pool noodle protects the edges and makes your furniture kid-friendly.

We've covered how a pool noodle can protect kids from falling out of bed, but they also can protect kids from sharp table edges. Depending on the kid and the height of the table, you probably only need this for a year or so. It may not be pretty, but it gets the job done.

Of course, if you have kids, you might just want to buy safer furniture — but this tip also works if you don't have kids, and have family or friends who bring kids over once in a while. Take out the pool noodles and add some bumpers to the edge of a hazardous table. Check out the link for other tips to keep kids out of harm's way.

12 DIY Child-Proofing Hacks to Keep Kids Safe [The Stir]


    I tried this... my kid became way more interested in any furniture that had the pool noodles on them as they could pull them off and hit me with them.

    Just use a leash, and tether the child to the couch.

    For the price of one leash, you can protect the child from an infinite amount of sharp furniture.

    You can also take the leash to friends' houses to keep your child protected there too.

    Or just feed them peanuts.... they slow down the most rowdy furniture-scratching tantrum throwing little rascal in no time... and they're a nutritious snack too.

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