Patch Tuesday: Internet Explorer Has 41 Problems (But A Glitch Ain't One)

Another month skates by, and another pile of Patch Tuesday updates rolls out overnight from Microsoft. This time around, the pile of critical updates is just three downloads deep.

Tuesday picture from Shutterstock

The three critical updates relate to Internet Explorer (I'm doing my unshocked face here), group policy and kernel-mode drivers. No surprise then that they will also require a restart. There are also four "important" updates for Windows, and two for Microsoft Office.

What jumps out from the disclosure announcement is this sentence: "This security update resolves one publicly disclosed and forty privately reported vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer." Looks like Project Spartan, IE's successor, can't come soon enough.


    Zing! I come for the headlines and stay for the stories.

    Spartan will have its own share of exploits I am sure. Having new code means less exposure but not necessarily fewer vulnerabilities.
    And yes, they should just keep the browsers name, why run a campaign to invent a new one?

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