OneNote Is Now Entirely Free On Windows

Windows: When Microsoft made OneNote free in March last year, there were some Windows edition features that remained available only to paying Office users. That has now changed — the full set of option is available to every OneNote user, free of charge.

OneNote stacks up fairly well in the note-taking software stakes, and making it entirely free is likely to encourage more people to use it. The features which were previously paying-only include password-protecting individual sections, full audio and video recording and the ability to embed other Office files.

If you've just started using it, check out our tips for making the most of the software.

OneNote is now (even more) free! [OneNote Blog]


    If they could make their web clipper as functional as Evernote's then I think they would take the lead. As it is (it just grabs an image or screenshot of the web page rather than the actual content like the Evernote Clipper does) it's a pretty big hole and what keeps me using Evernote.

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