Make Your Own Homemade Frozen Pizzas For Cheap And Easy Meals

Make Your Own Homemade Frozen Pizzas for Cheap and Easy Meals

Pizza is a favourite food for a lot of people, but it can get expensive ordering delivery or buying frozen brands. By making some pizzas ahead of time at home, you can freeze them and pop them in the oven whenever your craving strikes. Here's how to make sure your frozen pizza reheats successfully.

Emma Christensen at food blog The Kitchn explains that there are two key parts to freezing your own pizza: You partially bake the crust before you top and freeze it (about 3-5 minutes at 230C), and you double-wrap the pizzas in plastic wrap and aluminium foil before you freeze them. Beyond that, the pizza can be topped with whatever you like.

With this method, you can make three or four frozen pizzas — customised to your liking — for the cost of one brand-name frozen pizza. To get some more tips or recipe ideas, check out the link below.

How to Make Frozen Pizzas at Home [The Kitchn]


    home brand frozen pizza - $2.70

      Yeaaaah, but... that tasteless orange-coloured sauce... Blech!

      We're a fan of the Dr Oetker range in our household, you can often pick them up for $5 on special.

    The issue I find with homemade pizza is that I tend to 'over top' it. Then it becomes soggy and under-cooked or burnt. I'd much rather pay a tiny bit more for a frozen pizza and get something that will be just as easy and good 90% of the time.

    I know Dominos is nothing amazing, but when you can pick up a hot pizza in minutes for $4.95, with zero effort ... I'm probably not going to make pizza at home.

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