Make Fluffier Rice By Trapping The Steam With A Kitchen Towel

Make Fluffier Rice by Trapping the Steam with a Kitchen Towel

Rice is a versatile base for meals because it works with a variety of cuisines and dishes — from grain bowls made of leftovers to risotto to fried rice. Get a fluffy texture from your next batch of rice by using a kitchen towel to trap steam in the pot after cooking.

Simply remove the pot from heat (or unplug it if you're using a rice cooker), place a folded kitchen towel over the pot, then replace the lid. You should let the rice rest for about ten minutes. You want to use a kitchen towel because it both helps to keep steaming the rice (thus getting the fluffiness) and absorbs the extra moisture without letting it drip back down onto the rice. For more creative uses of kitchen towels, check out the full post linked below.

5 Uses for Kitchen Towels That Go Beyond Washing and Drying [America's Test Kitchen]


    I put the tea towel on the entire duration the rice is cooking, not after, and seem to get better results.

    Though, I don't put the tea towel under the lid as per the picture. Fold it up and put it over the lid while cooking.

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