Make A Custom Foam Inset To Organise Your Tool Chest

Tool organisation is an ongoing challenge. One way to battle the scourge of misplaced tools is to create a cosy bed for your most frequently used tools to live in.

Tool chests are great for keeping your hand tools stored safely away, but they do little to help you organise them once they are in the drawer. In fact, the smooth surface of a drawer bottom causes even more of a mess, as your tools get jostled around each time you open it.

Toolbox liners can be effective, but a carved-out foam inset is the best way to keep your tools snug and organised. When one goes missing, you know exactly which one due to the shape of the cut out.

Check out the video above which details how to make a foam inset. Start with layered foam sheets or opt for closed-cell foam inserts. Gather the tools you wish to store, a permanent marker and a box cutter. This technique isn't limited to a toolbox. Foam insets can be used for any drawer in your home.

Tool Organisation [Nik Sek via YouTube]


    This item does not ship to Richmond, Australia. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.

    Helpful links are helpful....

    Could you please put 5 minutes of effort in next time and find some local distributors of the linked products? It's unhelpful to be given links to "do not ship to australia" sites for bulky items like foam.

    Such as these guys

      Its Lifehacker US, they won't put Aussie info in unless one of the local editors makes the post.

        Yeah it's one of the really annoying things about the Allure media sites, the cross posting from the US sites to the AUS sites without anyone checking them for relevance to Australia or if the links work etc.

          Like all those USB wall chargers that are for us sockets?

      Mind you if that's the only option we have in Australia for getting foam online, it would have been better just to not post the article in the first place!

      What a horrible webstore...

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