Job Search Is Increasingly Dominated By Mobile

Your resume should be carefully crafted, and that's going to need a keyboard — but when it comes to seeking out jobs and sending in your resume, chances are you'll do it with a mobile device.

Job search picture from Shutterstock

The half-yearly results from job search site Seek show that 55 per cent of total visits to the site are on mobile devices, and 24 per cent of applications are lodged from mobiles. If that trend continues, mobile will soon be the most important channel.

There's a simple lesson here: waiting until you get home might not be to your advantage. Take time to make sure your cover letter is appropriate, but don't take too long.


    And yet Seek still has a terrible mobile service, from what I've experienced on my Android. If you have a profile with them it's tempermental to sign in with, you can't upload a new resume/cover letter, and if you don't have a profile you can't send off a resume/cover letter and have to use the browser version anyway.

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