iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use Twice As Much Data As iPhone 6 People

iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use Twice As Much Data As iPhone 6 People

The large screen on the iPhone 6 Plus saw it become the most in-demand phone Apple has ever released, but that big display has a darker side. Analysis of mobile traffic by Citrix suggests that iPhone 6 Plus owners chew through twice as much data as iPhone 6 owners.

That figure comes from Citrix’s latest Mobile Analytics Report, which analyses mobile data usage across Citrix’s user base. It’s no surprise that larger-screened Apple owners might well consume more video, but it’s a little surprising that moving from a 4.7-inch to a 5.5-inch screen makes such a difference.

The lesson? If you’re buying a bigger phone, make sure you have a decent data allowance.


  • I’m sorry but this is really poorly written based on one usage metric. For general video consumption, eg. YouTube, an iPhone 6+ will offer 1080P vs 720P for the regular 6 because Apple won’t include a competitive screen on their devices anymore, because our way is the best way. Demonstrated on multiple accounts, not increasing the iPhone’s screen size and sticking to whatever Apple’s definition of Retina is for their displays, not increasing it to keep up with competition specs wise. But then again, most iPhone users don’t care about having decent specs, just the latest and greatest. And using Citrix would use just as much or more on the 6+ only because it has a higher resolution display, then again, the signal going to the phone would remain the same.
    TL;DR: This article is a gross generalization marketing iPhones in what is otherwise not a very newsworthy topic. Well done. I usually love Lifehacker but this article is just rubbish. Just generalizing usage patterns and trying to form advice from it. Truth is you don’t need a bigger data plan for a bigger phone, but some people might use their phone more just because it’s larger. A simple usage statistic blown out of proportion.

  • Isn’t it just as plausible that the people who were already using substantially more data bought the bigger phone because the larger screen would be of greater benefit to them?

    I know that this was the major decision making factor in my choice to get the 6 Plus…

    In other words, buying a larger-screened phone does not cause you to use more data. RATHER, you bought a larger-screened phone BECAUSE you use more data.

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