How To Score 2GB Extra Free In Your Google Drive Storage

How To Score 2GB Extra Free In Your Google Drive Storage

Feel like you’re running out of space in your Google account? You can score an extra 2GB by undertaking Google’s free security checkup.

Your storage is shared across Gmail and Google Drive, so a little extra is always handy. The security checkup runs through your recovery information, recent account activity and app permissions.

Two things to note: The offer runs until 17 February, and Google says the extra space will be added around 28 February — so don’t go looking for it straight away. Also, this doesn’t work for Google Apps for Work or Education customers (though you can still perform the checkup).


  • Just went through the process before I finished reading the article, I have a Google Apps account (one of the older free forever plans).

    I am only using 1.8GB of my 15GB storage so no fears of running out any time soon here 🙂

  • and you can always use the good old trick of making multiple google drive accounts, then make each one linked up, allowing every user to access it, The end result is you have one huge drive which is made up of individual accounts all linked up.

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