Google Calendar For Android Adds A 7-Day View, Pinch To Zoom

Google Calendar for Android Adds a 7-Day View, Pinch to Zoom, and More

Ask and ye shall receive, Google says. Based on feedback from users, Google Calendar now has several improvements, including a new 7-day week view and Google Drive files integration.

The 7-day view and pinch to zoom should come in very handy when you want to get an overview of the week ahead (instead of just 5 days at a time).

You can now also add Google Drive files to events, control whether Google+ contacts' birthdays show up in your calendar (at last!), see week numbers if you like, and import ICS files from other apps and from Gmail messages.

The update is rolling out over the next few days; the Gmail team says it's still working on the iPhone updates.

Improvements to Google Calendar for Android [Gmail on Google+]


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