Gmail Inbox Optimised For iPads, Android Tablets, Firefox, Safari

When Gmail first launched its Inbox mail platform last October, it only worked in Chrome, on Android phones and on iPhones. Google has now added support for Safari and Firefox, and introduced tablet-optimised versions for iPads and Android tablets.

The browser update also means you don't have to use user agent switching to make Inbox work in Firefox or Safari. (Still no option if you're using Internet Explorer.)

Inbox by Gmail: now in more places [Official Gmail Blog]


    I used Inbox for about 1-2 months and went back to my old faithful Gmail.

    I found Inbox ran slower in Chrome than Gmail. I also got over the navigation and the lack of settings/options available.

    Sweeping emails away in theory sounds ok, but in practice I just forget and then emails started piling up without any filters to sort through. Change of email habits is definitely required for sweeping emails to be effective.

    I keep getting 500 errors when I try to load Inbox, so I've gone back to Gmail.

    Inbox is fine on my mobile phone though...

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