Globalgig 4G Offers Cheap Mobile Broadband For Roaming And In Australia

Globalgig 4G Offers Cheap Mobile Broadband For Roaming And In Australia

We’re pretty keen on Globalgig’s Roaming SIM card, which is one of the better-value offerings for travellers out there who want to dodge roaming rorts. Now it has an added attraction — an option to access 4G networks in Australia and the UK, which is actually one of the cheaper 4G data packages even if you never head overseas.

As Fat Duck Tech notes, the addition of 4G (via Optus in Australia and through 3 in the UK) has also seen the pricing for the service revamped slightly. The new plans include an Australia-only option with the following prices (all deals are month-to-month, and excess data is $0.02 per MB):

Data Monthly cost
250MB $4.99
1GB $10
3GB $20
5GB $30
10GB $50

If all you’re after is data, that’s a pretty good deal — 10GB for $50 is easily as good as it gets for 4G broadband. If you do want to make actual phone calls, then other prepaid Optus network options (Amaysim, Jeenee, Vaya or Virgin Mobile, as well as Optus itself) are still worth considering, though none have such high data allowances at the top end.

Globalgig [via Fat Duck Tech]


  • I have used their service and offer a couple of observations.

    Data seems to get used VERY quickly – I’m guessing it is in 1 or 10 MB blocks so think of a 1GB as practically nearer to 300 or 400MB of use.

    Also, they automatically re-bill (credit card required for activation) and getting out seems to be hard – still in process.

  • Quick question – I’ve heard some of these ‘international roaming’ SIMS are a good option (only option ?) if you want to pick up a SIM for your phone that doesn’t require the stupid identity checks all ‘local’ SIM providers (are supposed to) enforce (outside of bringing back a SIM from SE Asia, which comes with its own set of problems).

    A ‘burner phone’ if you will, like our American friends can get at any convenience store / supermarket and which our nanny-state / Orwellian ‘powers that be’ see fit to deny us. Anyone know if Globalgig SIMS fall into this category ? Just for clarification – no – I’m not a terrorist or a drug dealer – but I’ve always liked the idea of having a phone that George Brandis and our other arsehole government peeps can’t immediately tie back to me – because ‘you never know’.

    • If you have to use a credit card to sign up then they can easily trace it back to you anyway.

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