Get A Quieter Room At A Hotel By Asking If It's Near An Event Location

Get a Quieter Room at a Hotel By Asking If It's Near an Event Location

Nobody likes a noisy hotel room. Ask if it's near an event in the hotel to prevent a rude awakening in the middle of the night.

Photo by Wilson Hul

Tourist Meets Traveller covers a bunch of tips for avoiding noisy rooms. Since hotels often have events, they suggest asking at check-in to stay far away from those rooms. If the hotel is full, you may not have that option, but it doesn't hurt to ask. After all, they don't want you to complain in the middle of the night about your noisy neighbours.

Check out the link for other tips for finding quiet (or at least less noisy) rooms at a hotel.

Hotel Hacks and Questions You need to Ask for a Quiet Room [Tourist Meets Traveller]


    Or Ice Machines
    Or Lifts
    Or lift motors (sometimes on the top floor)
    Or facing major intersections or Train lines.

      or the laundry
      or kitchen
      or cleaning cupboards
      or pools/gyms

        or honeymoon suite
        or Batman's approach vector (pesky explosions)
        or city
        or any place of human contact

    Or if they are undergoing renovations - that one really bugs me, especially as it typically doesn't come with a reduction in costs when they are jack-hammering the surrounding rooms all day.

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