DeGeo Updates With iOS 8 Support To Quickly Strip Location From Photos

DeGeo Updates with iOS 8 Support to Quickly Strip Location from Photos

iOS: If you share a lot of photos on social media, you're also probably accidentally sharing your location. DeGeo is a simple app that strips away that location information before you share. A recent update makes it even easier to use.

The newest version gets a nice visual overhaul alongside a bunch of new features. You can quickly see if photos have location data, automatically remove them, then instantly share them right from the app. Conversely, you can also now copy and share that location info directly if you want to, as well as open it up in Google Maps or Apple Maps. It's a little thing, but it really does make sharing your photos a little safer.

DeGeo ($2.49) [iTunes App Store]


    There's also a bunch of free online tools to remove exif data. I made this one a while back because none of the others seemed to support multi-file upload or mobile phones properly:

    The downside is, of course, bandwidth use. If you're sanitising 50 files at a time you'd want to go with a local app rather than waiting 15 minutes and eating into your data cap.

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