Avoid The Phrase 'This Is Awkward' In Uncomfortable Situations

Avoid the Phrase

Awkward stuff happens. We cringe and we move on. To keep a truly uncomfortable situation from getting worse, avoid the phrase "this is awkward".

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It depends on the scenario, but most of the time, this phrase only serves to make things more awkward. Often, the phrase takes a situation from mildly uncomfortable to flat-out painful. Over at Thought Catalogue, writer Bryanna Doe agrees:

No matter how awkward a scenario you find yourself in, pointing out the awkwardness just increases it tenfold. It's not a cute, quirky way to break the tension. It's like throwing oily rags onto a grease fire.

It makes sense. The phrase doesn't offer a solution. It only points out what's painfully obvious.

What should you do instead? It depends on the situation. If you've made a mistake, you could try diffusing it with a compliment. Other than that, here's a whole list of ways to exit an awkward situation gracefully.

Doe has more phrases that only make things worse. Check out her full list at the link below.

5 Phrases That Only Make A Bad Situation Worse [Thought Catalogue]


    Why the hell would I stop using the one phrase that's guaranteed to make people in an uncomfortable position even more uncomfortable?

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