Australian Metadata Retention Legislation Will Hit Parliament This Month

We still don't know exactly what data will be retained, but the Federal Government confirmed this morning that it hopes to have legislation forcing telcos to retain a wide range of metadata about customer activities for a period of two years, something that's likely to cost $200 million or more (and therefore make the cost of internet access higher).

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Luke at Gizmodo has full coverage of the announcements this morning. The legislation will be introduced once a parliamentary standing committee investigating its scope reports, which is expected to happen before the end of the month. Prime Minister Tony Abbott described the current approach to data retention as a "burning platform", which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to be honest.

Here's How Tony Abbott Defines Metadata [Gizmodo]


    Will Abbott last until then and will his replacement go ahead with it ?

    "Dear Federal MP. How you vote on this determines how I vote on you."

    Couldn't we just save quite a bit of money by asking the NSA for a weekly report / summary of Aussie metadata? I mean, you know... if for *some* reason they happen to have it ;)

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